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The company founders are: 

  mick1.jpg (48966 bytes)  Mick Wren            ania4.jpg (6332 bytes)  Ania Pearce          


All of our associates are very experienced self-employed, self-managed and self-motivated professionals. We are delighted and privileged to be associated particularly with the following people:

mikee.jpg (107002 bytes) Mike Eckersley     johnm.jpg (107002 bytes) John Molson     Matthew Newnham 27Jan03.jpg (245528 bytes)  Matthew Newnham

Deepu Sugathan Mike_Williams3.jpg (27726 bytes)  Mike Williams

We also have access to large networks of very experienced professionals so please contact us if you have a particular requirement.

If, after reading about us, you feel that you would fit into the way we work and would like to join our pool of associates then please contact us.  


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