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We believe an open approach to the issues, ideas and approaches of business change management can only help foster interest and growth in this area.  So we publish our thoughts and observations in a series of papers and articles on Concepts, ScenariosServices and other topics.  Please read them here or download copies for reading at your leisure.  

We only ask two things of you.  First, if you have any comments or questions then please get in touch. Second, if you use our materials or ideas in your work then please give us recognition.  Thank you.

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   Concept Papers



How do you drive your business through a constantly changing commercial landscape?  This paper proposes that the only way you can move your company in the direction and at the speed you want is through developing a permanent business wide change capability.  It then goes on to describe the key components of such a capability.

Enterprise Architecture Enabled Business Change

An introduction to how we believe holistic enterprise architecture can be used to enable true business change definition and integration.


Scenario Papers Description
Rubber Rudder When you try to steer your company in a particular direction the response is not quite what it should be....   This paper explains how we can help you build a more responsive change capability.
Herding Cats Trying to keep track of and co-ordinate the plethora of change initiatives in your company is as rewarding and successful as trying to herd cats.  Perhaps you need to trade-in your cats...


Service Papers Description
Watch this space.... In the meantime please visit our services pages



Other Papers Description
Enterprise Architecture Flyer This is a folded flyer putting the case for the use of enterprise architecture in the management of change. 
Business Agility Flyer This is a folded flyer that describes holistic business agility and the place that Unified Business Change ManagementTM has in providing business agility.

Time for a Change

This paper introduces Business Change Management Ltd by describing the case for change and the over-viewing key concept behind our business change management offerings, the Wedge Framework.  



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