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"Changing the way you change.... forever"

Welcome to the website of Business Change Management Limited.  We are UK based specialists in the design and development of permanent business change management capabilities and business agility for our clients.

Our process based approach, Unified Business Change ManagementTM, (UBCM) incorporates best practice from a variety of disciplines and techniques coupled with our own unique 3-dimensional architectural framework, the Wedge Framework®.  Unlike other change approaches UBCM is not only a way to manage a business change, it is a way to manage a changing business. 

As a company we are relatively new (founded late 2001) but as a team the founders have been working together for many years.  We have been developing Unified Business Change ManagementTM and the Wedge Framework® for over ten years now with a number of clients, in a variety of industry sectors, as can be seen on our Cases page.

We offer a number of services and models to help you develop and improve your business change management capabilities.  If you want a way to co-ordinate your changes then please contact us to discuss how we can help you.

Visit our Model Library to see samples of the business models that are available.

Take a look at our views on Agility.

Want to know more about the way we think? Have a look at our series of short papers or simply contact us to discuss our services.

You may recognise your situation on our Scenarios page.  The Links page may prove useful and our profiles can be found on the People page. 

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