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Business Change Review

Achieve a single integrated view of who is intending to change what, where and when.


Using our business change analysis techniques we can make visible all of the change activities within your business and show where they overlap, where they duplicate effort and what interdependencies exist between them.  In doing this we will deliver:


1. A high level architectural model of your operational business.


2. A repository of all your change initiatives, each defined in terms of its impact on the business.


3. A report for each initiative showing its interdependencies with other initiatives.


4. A report for each part of your operational business showing which change initiatives will impact it and in what way.


5. A recommended approach to rationalising and aligning your changes.


Our findings will give you the information you need to take control of your change initiatives reducing costs, improving the quality of your changes and minimising disruption to your operational business.  We can also help you do this with our Business Change Integration service. 


If you would like to discuss this or any other service with us then please contact us.  

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