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Business Change Integration

Reconcile all your change initiatives into a single, integrated and aligned change plan.


Following up on the findings of our Business Change Review service we will help you rationalise your portfolio of change initiatives into an optimised enterprise change plan.  The results of the integration will include:


1. Elimination of duplicate and wasted effort by resolving overlaps and contention between initiatives.  


2. Realisation of synergies between initiatives.


3. Alignment of all initiatives to a common business strategy.  


4. Redefinitions of your change initiatives held in a single repository.


5. A recommended approach to maintaining the enterprise change plan.


You will be left with a clearly defined and visible set of change initiatives, reduced change costs, improved quality of changes and minimised disruption to your operational business.   


To maintain this position and accommodate future changes we recommend that you implement a permanent business change management function.  We can help you do this with our Business Change Framework Implementation service.


If you would like to discuss this or any other service with us then please contact us.


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