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Business Change Framework Implementation

Provide your business with a permanent and effective change capability.


This is our premier service.  Our business is founded on the belief that the long term survival of corporate businesses is dependant on the ability to effectively manage change across the enterprise (our paper on Changeability presents the case for this).  This service will help you implement such a capability using our proprietary Wedge Framework.  


Implementing the framework, itself a significant change initiative, will endow your company with the following:


1. A set of operational processes for the definition, co-ordination, closure and review of change initiatives.


2. Members of staff trained and empowered to operate the change processes.


3. Integrated change portfolio, business model and resourcing repositories.  


4. Institutionalised change communication channels.


5. Change Management information systems.


Upon implementation of the framework you will be in a position to not only effectively control the changes taking place within your business, but also to improve the change processes themselves.    


You may feel that you need to draw occasionally on our experience and knowledge to operate the framework, in which case you can use our Business Change Framework Support service. When you are ready to make major improvements to your framework you can also call on our Business Change Framework Upgrade service.


If you would like to discuss these or any other service with us then please contact us.

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