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Our approach, Unified Business Change ManagementTM based on the Wedge Framework, has been developing and evolving for over six years now.  The approach has been tried and tested in a number of clients, all in different industry sectors.  The Wedge Framework as a concept has withstood everything thrown at it while Unified Business Change Management has evolved into a comprehensive set of processes for managing the enterprise's portfolio of changes as represented in the Wedge.


Three key assignment cases are presented below:


Project Integration and Alignment

Implementation of Business Change Framework

Project Interdependency Identification


 Project Integration and Alignment on  BPR Programme 


The client was one of the UK's top three high street retailers.  They were undergoing a major business process re-engineering programme in their buying and merchandising business areas.  


It was during this programme that the Wedge Framework was invented.  It came out of a need to understand how the many projects and initiatives fitted together.  Whilst the work had all originated from within the same programme each initiative had gained a life of its own and the programme soon became extremely difficult to manage and co-ordinate (see our Herding Cats paper).  There was no common model amongst all those working on the programme as to how the various parts inter-related.


The Wedge concept was used to help map some 90 initiatives into the same framework and then prioritise and redefine the work.  The results were a much more aligned and clarified programme initiatives portfolio and the removal of duplicate and unnecessary work. 


Our Business Change Review and Business Change Integration services are designed to provide this for our clients.  Please contact us if you think you would like to regain control of your change portfolio.  



 Implementation of Business Change Framework 


The UK sales and marketing organisation of a global automotive manufacturer intended to become a process based organisation.  To help manage change in such an organisation we introduced the Wedge Framework.  This was used as the base architecture for a new Business Solutions function re-engineered from their IT applications development function.


New processes and roles were put in place to manage the assessment, definition and co-ordination of business changes. For the first time all planned and ongoing changes could be seen in the same context and the business users clearly understood the process for submitting their change ideas and requests. 


This implementation was the precursor of Unified Business Change ManagementTM.  


Our Business Change Framework Implementation service is designed to help you achieve Unified Business Change Management in your business.  Please contact us if you really want integrated and aligned changes...forever.  



 Project Interdependency Identification Across Multiple Programmes  


Within the Service Delivery function of one of the UK's top three mobile telecoms network operators there were several large change programmes running in parallel.  As with the Project Integration and Alignment case it was clear that the initiatives both within and across the programmes could benefit from an alignment and interdependency check.  


Management within Service Delivery had already been shown the potential of the Wedge Framework in a demonstration pilot and so agreed to an initiative to assess the three programmes.  A relatively simple function- based model of Service Delivery was produced.  Some 120 initiatives from the three programmes where then mapped onto the model to determine their scope of impact.  These assessments were fed into a database and a series of reports were produced showing the interdependencies between the initiatives and the total impact on each functional area of the business.


Two key areas for improvement were uncovered by this analysis.  First, the initiatives were found to be poorly scoped due to the lack of a model during their original scope definition.  Secondly, the majority of interdependencies uncovered by the analysis were previously unknown.  


The potential savings from resolving these issues ran into six or seven figures


Our Business Change Review service is designed to provide this insight for our clients.  It can then be followed up with our  Business Change Integration service that acts upon the information uncovered in the review to remove redundant and duplicate effort and align the remaining initiatives. Please contact us if you want to shine a light into the dark corners of your change portfolio.  



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