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Business Agility 

Agility GridBusiness agility is a combination of two properties: flexibility and changeability. Business flexibility means having operational structures that can handle significant variation in market demand, whereas business changeability is the ability to quickly and easily change these operational structures. Furthermore, each of these abilities has implications on efficiency, with its inherent danger of a drive towards narrow specialisation, and effectiveness, which in turn leans towards all encompassing but inefficient capabilities. Any business which is aiming at becoming and remaining agile should acquire the optimum mix of flexibility and changeability for its particular market.

Whatever type or mix of agility is required, it can only be properly achieved through process management. We understand that processes should be designed to satisfy exactly the level of flexibility needed by the business. If changeability is required (as it almost always is) then a set of dedicated change management processes are required. 

We been using business architecture led approaches for enhancing companies’ own process driven flexibility and changeability in a number of different industry sectors for many years now. Called Unified Business Change ManagementTM, our approach is based on a single framework, the Wedge Framework®, into which all of business's changes can be mapped and managed. We have defined the processes, organisational roles, data elements, facilities and systems for managing this framework (see Models). We are ready to work with you to enable and enhance your own business agility.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss how we might help improve your business agility. 

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