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About Us

Our purpose is simple.  It is to provide businesses with services that help establish and maintain effective enterprise wide business change co-ordination and management capabilities.  


We believe that the ability to manage business change is a fundamental requirement for any business serious about long term survival and that there is a lack of viable approaches available in the market today.


We have developed a business change management framework and method, tested across a variety of industry sectors such as retail, automotive and telecoms since 1995, that we believe is unique in it's ability to provide a permanent, enterprise wide business change capability.  It is applicable to any number of business scenarios.


Our people are all very experienced managers and consultants who each have extensive multi-industry experience to draw on.  


We have an open policy on publishing our ideas and approaches that is intended to foster discussion and development in the business change management area.  To this end we make our papers readily available.  


Please feel free to contact us to discuss any points covered in this web site. 

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