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Unified Business Change Management Model

This model covers the whole of Unified Business Change Management from a number of inter-related perspectives (processes, organisational roles, data elements, facilities and applications) at a logical level.  Our knowledge regarding the assessment, integration and coordination of business changes is encapsulated in these models.  Against a backbone of process models we have detailed logical relational data models, logical application architecture and organisational structures.  These can be used to help kick-start your business change improvement efforts.


How to Acquire the Models

Simply contact us to discuss how to view and obtain the complete UBCM model. 


Sample Work Products

A small number of diagrams from the UBCM model are presented below.  These will hopefully give you some indication of the types of work-products to  be found in the model.  Note that each object on these diagrams is supported by a full textual description and cross references to other related objects (e.g. processes to roles) in the complete model.


 Work Product

Description Samples
Functional Relationship Map This provides a functional overview of Unified Business Change Management.  The relationships between the various functional areas are clearly shown.

Process Flow Diagram This is the logical flow of the process 'Include Interested Party Views in Change Definition' which is a sub process of the process 'Assess Potential Business Change'.

Data Subject Area Diagram This is a high level view of the scope of the data used in UBCM.  Each of the data subject areas in the diagram is supported by a detailed logical entity-relationship diagram (ERD).


UBCM Model Inventory


The complete UBCM model consists of the following work-products.


 Work Product Type

Name Quantity
Diagram Functional Relationship Map (FRM) 1
Diagram Process Hierarchy Diagram (PHD)         1
Diagram Process Flow Diagram (PFD) 8
Diagram Application Architecture Diagram (AAD) 1
Diagram Organisation Hierarchy Diagram (OHD) 1
Diagram Data Subject Area Diagram (SAD) 1
Diagram Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) 5
Matrix Entity-Process Matrix (EPM) 1
Matrix Process-Application Matrix (PAM) 1
Matrix Process-Role Matrix (PRM) 1
Description Process 44
Description Role 7
Description Entity 30
Description Application Type 14


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