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Services Model

The implementation of UBCM will be a major change in its own right and therefore requires careful planning and execution.  Our services are designed to take you through that change in a series of stages from reviewing, reconciling and integrating the current change portfolio through to fully implementing UBCM.  Note that the initial services (review, reconciliation and integration) add tremendous value in their own right but full UBCM implementation is required to maintain a business change capability.


These models represent the required processes for each of these stages thus helping kick start your change capability improvement efforts.  The processes described in these models will form the basis for the project plans used in performing the services.


Sample Work Products

A small number of diagrams from the Services model are presented below.  Note that each object on these diagrams is supported by a full textual description.


 Work Product

Description Samples
Process Hierarchy Diagram This diagram shows the top level hierarchical structure of the services processes.

Process Flow Diagram This is the logical flow of the process 'Produce State of the Nation Report' which is a sub process of the process 'Review Business Changes'.


Services Model Inventory


 Work Product Type

Name Quantity
Diagram Process Hierarchy Diagram (PHD)         4
Diagram Process Flow Diagram (PFD) 19
Description Process 156


How to Acquire the Models

Simply contact us to discuss how to view and obtain these models.

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