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Phoenix House Renovations Model

Phoenix House Renovations is an imaginary company.  This model of the Phoenix business contains conceptual and logical work-products across all the perspectives of process, organisation, data, application, location and technology.  We use this model to demonstrate UBCM in operation.  It provides examples of many of the work-products required in a holistic enterprise architecture. 


Sample Work Products

A small number of diagrams from the Phoenix model are presented below.  Note that each object on these diagrams is supported by a full textual description and cross references to other related objects (e.g. processes to roles).


 Work Product

Description Samples
Model Framework Diagram This provides an overview of the different perspectives and model areas covered by this model.  It is similar in construct to the top levels of the Zachmann Framework and provides a useful means of navigating the model.

Functional Relationship Map This provides a functional overview of the Phoenix business.  The relationships between the various functional areas are clearly shown.

Process Flow Diagram This is the logical flow of the process 'Review supplier Partnership' which is a process within the Service Supplier Management functional area.

Conceptual Application Architecture Diagram This diagram illustrates the conceptual application architecture of the Phoenix business.

Logical Entity Relationship Diagram This diagram contains the logical relational data structure of the Phoenix business.


Phoenix Model Inventory


 Work Product Type

Name Quantity
Diagram Model Framework Diagram 1
Diagram Functional Relationship Map (FRM) 1
Diagram Process Hierarchy Diagram (PHD)         1
Diagram Process Flow Diagram (PFD) 11
Diagram Application Architecture Diagram (AAD) 2
Diagram Organisation Hierarchy Diagram (OHD) 2
Diagram Data Subject Area Diagram (SAD) 1
Diagram Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) 6
Diagram Technology Architecture Diagram (TAD) 2
Diagram Location Diagram 2
Matrix Entity-Process Matrix (EPM) 1
Matrix Location-Technology Matrix (LTM) 1
Matrix Organisation-Location Matrix (OLM) 1
Description Process 58
Description Role 20
Description Entity 27
Description Application 13
Description Technology 16
Description Location 16


How to Acquire the Models

Simply contact us to discuss how to view and obtain these models. 

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