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Mike Eckersley

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Mike is a highly practical business and technology analyst with over 30 years broad based experience across multiple industries, including Finance, IT, Real Estate, Construction, and Government.

He spent the first part of career in retail banking, specializing in Risk Management & Product Management and was heavily involved in numerous change initiatives, before moving into the Information Systems domain in the early 90’s. Since then he has worked predominantly as a Business & Systems Analyst managing change at the interface between the business & IT domains.

With a strong focus on critical analysis, and a particular interest in identifying the linkages & integration points between Industry standard frameworks & methods, he enjoys translating complex technology concepts into formats that both business and technical people can readily understand.

Mike is a Chartered Engineer with a 1st Class Honours degree in Computing & Psychology. His professional qualifications include Enterprise Architecture, Business Process Management, Project Management, Requirements Engineering, and Finance.

In his spare time Mike enjoys reading and walking. He also holds a voluntary, part-time position as the Knowledge Sharing Director for the UK Chapter of the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA).


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