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Business Motivation Model

A recent development in business modelling standards is the issuing of a specification for a Business Motivation Model (BMM) by the Object Management Group (OMG). This model, which was originally developed by the Business Rules Group, provides a structured means of defining the high level 'what, why and how' for a business.  In other words, it provides a clear structure to the top layer of the Wedge Framework and, very importantly for us, provides an direct link to the next layer, Architecture.

The above diagram provides an overview of the BMM.  The 'what' is the Ends, the 'why' is addressed by the Influencers and Assessment and the 'how' is the Means.  The link to the architecture layer would come from the Means.  Tactics would determine what the architecture (process, technical, organisational etc) looks like whilst being steered by Directives and having a clear linkage back to specific Strategies.

For UBCM this clearly enables changes in the vision and strategy of a business to be managed in a structured and controlled manner.  It also enables explicit alignment, or otherwise, of lower level changes with specific Strategies and Tactics and  their related Goals and Objectives.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss how we might help you to make use of the Business Motivation Model. 

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